Core Division

Core Division will become a global leader of the hi-tech motor core industry.
In particular, it is growing into a global player leading the new growth engines of the future, e.g.
hybrid and electric vehicle component industry and the next-generation environment-friendly energy solution industry.

Introduce Core Division.

Plants and overseas subsidiaries

Following our big dream to the world to push ahead with new growth engine businesses.

POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION has been making remarkable achievements in new growth engine businesses by making bold investments and securing the best technologies. With the completion of the New Pohang Plant, it will advance into the component industries, which are in the limelight as new growth industries, e.g. EV, HEV, wind power generation and fuel cells, and play the leading role in the development of green industries. It will also realize its dream of becoming a global blue-chip company by expanding its overseas subsidiaries in China, India, etc. and increasing exports to the US, France, Germany, China, Japan, etc.