Core Division

Core Division will become a global leader of the hi-tech motor core industry.
In particular, it is growing into a global player leading the new growth engines of the future, e.g.
hybrid and electric vehicle component industry and the next-generation environment-friendly energy solution industry.

Introduce Core Division.

Motor Core

Consisting of a stator and a rotor, a motor core plays a pivotal role in generating electricity within a motor.
We ensure that our solutions have the precision and the quality that customers need by applying advanced technologies including automated quality inspection system.

POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION is fully committed to technological progress in line with the eco-friendly trend :

  • Developing embossed automatic additive cores, loose welding cores and Embo-free(EMFree) cores
  • Reducing the vibration and noise of rotors through use of Skew/Index additive cores
  • Meeting diverse customer needs through use of Self-Bonding cores for higher efficiency

Motor cores have a wide range of applications from automotive and consumer electronics to industrial devices and power tools :

  • Automotive motor cores are expanding their applications beyond automotive electronics to drive systems for green cars. Over 200 types are currently in use for that application.
  • Consumer electronics are also seeing more applications of motor cores, including Alternating Current (AC) motors and Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors for fridges, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and more.
  • Applications of industrial purpose motor cores range from generators including water and wind power to heavy duty blowers, freezers and industrial motors.

Motor Core for Automotive Uses

EV and HEV Motor Core

POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION TMC Division supplies new additive technology ideal for drive motors used in next generation electric and hybrid vehicles.
It also offers components in modularized forms including magnet molding and shaft assembly to better meet diverse customer needs.

The motor cores of the TMC Division are motor cores for electric vehicles that can improve the motor efficiency, the core technology of next-generation environment-friendly cars. Based on its motor core technology, POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION is switching its focus from electric motors to the drive motors of environment-friendly cars (HEV//PHEV/EV) drive motor, and will be instrumental to the future of global automakers.