STS Division

STS Division started out as Samyang Metal Industries, which began stainless steel cold rolling in 1962.
It later became the SBS Division of Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd. When POSCO AST was launched in 2009,
it became part of the POSCO Family, the best steel company in Korea. It exclusively handles POSCO products,
and we will place the utmost priority on satisfying customers and create values based on customers’ trust.

Introduce STS Division..

Tips on handling stainless steel


You should take care so that it does not rust or become less corrosion resistant as it comes in contact with moisture, dirt, oil, lubricant and dust. Also, if moisture penetrates between the protective film and the product, corrosion will occur quicker than if there is no protective film. It must be stored in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place in its original packaging, but it will be better if it is covered. Materials with protective films must avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and the film must be checked periodically, and if the properties of the film are changed (the lifespan of the film is 3 months), it must be replaced immediately. If the packaging materials including the inserted paper get wet, they must be immediately removed to prevent corrosion of the surface.

Transporting goods

When transporting goods, make sure to use pallets made of rubber or wood to prevent scratches on the surfaces. As for the transport equipment, always use equipment dedicated to stainless steel, and also make sure to wear gloves to prevent goods from being contaminated by fingerprints.