Plate Division

The Plate Fabrication Division is POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION’ division for processing steel materials that processes and sells high-quality steel.
It provides products that meet customer needs from processing and sales, e.g. materials sourcing, shearing and cutting, to combined processing, plants and heavy structures.

Introduce Plate Fabrication Division.

Thick Plates Processing and Steel Products Distributing

The Pohang 3Plant professionally processes thick plates, which are used for construction machines and heavy equipment, and serves as the base for toll processing of POSCO thick plate products. As it is located in the industrial complex near the new port of the Yeongil Bay, it is highly accessible and has advantages in logistics and transportation. Moreover, it is distributing and selling POSCO steel products to small and medium-sized customers in Korea.

Size of the plant: 56,000㎡, plant/office building 9,000㎡

Key equipment

[Unit : Machine]

Classification Equipment name Qty Materials Production specs Production capacity (ton/month)
Thickness Width Length
Cutting CNC Plasma Cutting M/C [On Board Type] 2thick plate6~504,50037,0005,000
CNC Plasma Cutting M/C [Separate Type] 2thick plate6~504,50037,0005,000
CNC Gas Cutting M/C 2thick plate6~2006,50030,0003,000
CNC Plasma & Gas Cutting M/C (double use) 1thick plate6~2006,50035,0003,000
Flame Planer M/C 1thick plate6~1502,50012,0002,000

Other equipment

[Gwangyang and Pohang Plant total Qty]

ClassificationDimensions and specificationsQty[EA]
CO2 welder500A, 650A18
A/C arc welder360A2
Sub-tandem welderDC+AC 1500 and etc.8 [SET]
Gouging machine600A1
Auto cutterYK-1505
Auto cutterYK-3003
Forklift1/ 7/ 15 tons1 / 2 / 2
Weighing deck-2