STS Division

STS Division started out as Samyang Metal Industries, which began stainless steel cold rolling in 1962.
It later became the SBS Division of Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd. When POSCO AST was launched in 2009,
it became part of the POSCO Family, the best steel company in Korea. It exclusively handles POSCO products,
and we will place the utmost priority on satisfying customers and create values based on customers’ trust.

Introduce STS Division..

Definition and Main uses

Definition of Precision Stainless Steel

  • Ultra thin material with less than 0.3t thickness that only can be produced from a STS precision Mill
  • High Hardness/high quality product (i.e. thickness, flatness, hardness) used for automotives, electricity and electronics
Precision material (Ultra thin) 0.1㎜ ≤ t ≤ 0.3㎜
(Super ultra thin, foil) t <0.1㎜
Application/customer specific
1/2H, 1/4H, 3/4H, FH
Customized Dull,
surface roughness and gloss
STS general
cold rolled
0.3㎜ ≤ t International/national specification for stainless steel
Standardized surface
including 2B and BA

Main uses of precision STS products

According to the recent trends of weight reduction and miniaturization, the market requires thinner and narrower stainless steel materials. POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION has the state-of-the-art technologies to meet customer needs and market trends.

POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION’s stainless steel products possess precise mechanical properties and perfectly managed flatness.

Engine gasket

The latest development in the head gasket technology is multilayer steel (MLS) design, which has three to seven layers of thin stainless spring steel. MLS head gaskets provide the ultimate in torque retention and give extra strength to support current lightweight engine design.

Size 301 [ AR : 0.2~0.25mm ]
Application Automotive engine
Quality control
  1. Restricted Grain Size :
    Max. 10um
  2. Controlled Flatness :
    Wave Max. 1mm

Brake pad spring

The temper rolled stainless spring steel installed in an automotive brake system transfers pressure from the pedal to brake pads. Because of its complicated design, precise thickness and flatness tolerances are required to optimize bending and formability.

Size 301 [ AR : 0.4~0.5mm ]
Application Automotive brake system
Quality control
  1. Roughness : Max. 0.15㎛


Bellows are installed in the automotive exhaust system to reduce the noise level and dampen engine vibration. Exhaust bellows by precision stainless steel serve to absorb thermal and vibrational stresses at high temperature, and compensate for misalignment in the exhaust assembly.

Size 321/316Ti/309Si [ 2B,BA : 0.15~0.3mm ]
Application Automotive exhaust system
Quality control
  1. Burr : 0.02 mm [ Max.10% of thickness ]

Molding material

Stainless steel molding materials add visual allure to an automotive exterior. Depending on a vehicle’s design, its surface can be changed in a number of ways to create unique values.

Size 430J1L/436L [ BA, Dull, Color: 0.4t - 0.5mm ]
Application Automotive exterior
Quality control
  1. Roughness : Max. 0.03㎛