Plate Division

The Plate Fabrication Division is POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION’ division for processing steel materials that processes and sells high-quality steel.
It provides products that meet customer needs from processing and sales, e.g. materials sourcing, shearing and cutting, to combined processing, plants and heavy structures.

Introduce Plate Fabrication Division.

Thick Plates Processing and Steel Construction Materials

The Gwangyang 1Plant, which is in charge of shipbuilding and steel construction materials, is leveraging a lot as large as 50,000 pyeong, to provide one-stop service from storage of inventor to the raw materials of thick plates and shape steel, pre-processing, cutting, welding and painting. It acquired the cutting processing classification approval [10 classification societies, e.g. BV and DNV] in 2011, and is solidifying its cooperative system with customers by managing the quality of shipbuilding and maritime products more systematically. Also, it has equipment capable of producing 40,000 tons of steel construction materials, built-up beams and steel structures a year, and participates in large projects in Korea and overseas.

Size of the plant: 158,000㎡, factories/office buildings 33,000㎡

Key equipment

[Unit : machine]

Classification Equipment name Qty Material Production specs Production capacity
Thickness Width Length
Making steel structures Fabrication yard 3structureFabrication Shop*3(8,300㎡)2,500
Painting yard 1structureBlasting Room*1, Painting Room*21,000
Shape steel processing equipment 1shape steelBand Saw*2, Drill M/C*1, Bevel M/C*11,000
Built-up H-Beam making SAW M/C 6shape steel8~803,50018,0002,000
Tank Panel processing BENDING M/C 1thick plate604,75020,000
BEVEL M/C 1thick plate7~8015~60˚
Cutting Plant 1 Plasma Cutting M/C 4thick plate5~395,30037,0008,000
Plant 1 Gas Cutting M/C 3thick plate5~2005,30023,0004,500
Plant 2 Plasma Cutting M/C 4thick plate5~395,30037,0008,000
Plant 2 Gas Cutting M/C 1thick plate5~2005,50023,0001,500
Pre-processing Plant 1 automatic pre-processing 1thick plate5~905,30023,50025,000
  • [Making steel frames]
  • [Making steel frames]
  • [Built-up Beam - Fit up]
  • [CNC Gas - Cutting]

Size and production capacity

Classification Classification Production capacity
Plant 1 3,600㎡ [25M x 143M] 1,000 [Ton/month] 30,000 [Ton/annual]
Plant 2 3,000㎡ [25M x 120M] 700 [Ton/month]
Plant 3 2,700㎡ [30M x 90M] 800 [Ton/month]
Total 8,300㎡ 2,500 [Ton/month]

Production capacity

  • Drill M/C [AMADA / 1300Ⅲ]
  • BAND SAW [AMADA / HK1300]
  • BAND SAW [AMADA / H750]
  • Bevel M/C [SHINK / VHP-1255]
Classification Production capacity Remarks
Thickness Width
Drill M/C WEB : 4.5T ~ 30.0T
FLG : 7.0T ~ 50.0T
WEB : 150 ~ 1,300mm
FLG : 75 ~ 500mm
BAND SAW (H750) 750mm or less *For processing of 45T or more, consultation is necessary.
BAND SAW (HK1300) 1,300mm or less *For processing of 45T or more, consultation is necessary.
Bevel M/C 6.0T ~ 40.0T Hshape steel : 250 x 150~1,200 x 500 1,200 x 500 *angle : MAX x 35°
  • Hole Drilling
  • Beveling

Painting equipment

BLASTING CELL SIZE 20,000L * 25,000W * 8,000H - 1
PAINTING CELL SIZE 20,000L * 25,000W * 8,000H - 2
Surface roughness 30 - 75μm SIS Sa2½ (customers’ request)
Film thickness, PAINT Customers’ specifications request