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Create a better world with POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION. POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION places high importance on talent.
We are looking for people with creative ideas and a sense of responsibility who deeply consider one another and who can work with a sense of ownership.

The right people for the company

We are looking for creative people who act and deeply consider others.

  • Action
    People with a sense of ownership and responsibility who show determination and take the lead ahead of others
  • Consideration
    People with humility and respectful mindset who practice win-win and pursue an attitude of sacrifice and volunteerism.
  • Creativity
    People engrossed in their work who take the initiative to apply new ideas to problems

Corporate culture


POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION comprehensively assesses performance and competency, and has a fair and systematic promotion system.
Also, the company is helping the organization create performance and increasing the level of satisfaction by recruiting people based on ability.
   ※ For administrative professionals. The company has separate promotion systems for different job groups.

  • P1(clerk)
  • P2(assistant manager)
  • P3(manager)
  • P4(deputy general manager)
  • P5B(leader)
  • P5A(general manager)

Talent cultivation

POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION is providing various growth opportunities for its employees, and offering systematic and high-quality educational programs to train global core talent.

  • Entry-level/core value education : Sharing the core values of “Corporate Citizenship,” the management philosophy of POSCO Group, and developing the qualities required of POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION employees through basic education.
  • Job innovation training : To improve the job competency and expertise required for creative and efficient job performance, job competency will be improved through in-depth training for each duty, i.e. management, sales, production and quality assurance.
  • Leadership education : Providing specialized education by class so that newly promoted people will have the necessary knowledge and competency, and cultivate leadership and reinforce their control over their employees.
  • Statutory compulsory education : Making POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION safe and ethical by providing 4 types of statutory compulsory education.

Benefit package

POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION is doing its best to improve the quality of life of its employees through various welfare systems.

  • Support for family events : emergency leave, expenditure for congratulations and condolences, and standing wreaths
  • Children's educational expenses : educational expense subsidies for employees with children (preschool~university)
  • Support for clubs : operating in-house clubs so that people can enjoy hobbies with their coworkers and supporting operating expenses
  • Outside recreational facilities : Supporting outside recreational facilities for the refreshment of employees
  • Full medical examination : Medical examination at a general hospital to help improve the health of employees
  • Group accident insurance : Purchasing group accident insurance to supplement occupational health and safety insurance and provide against employees’ injury and disease
  • Supporting self-development : Supporting acquisition of certificates of qualification and language learning



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