Core Division

Core Division will become a global leader of the hi-tech motor core industry.
In particular, it is growing into a global player leading the new growth engines of the future, e.g.
hybrid and electric vehicle component industry and the next-generation environment-friendly energy solution industry.

Introduce Core Division.

New Technology

EMFree [Embo-Free] Motor Core

  • ■ Existing technology [Emboss]

    Fastened on the surface of electrical steel in relief

    • The amount of embossing needs to be increased to reinforce the clamping force.
    • Lower efficiency due to the gap between the embossing and the sheet
    • Lower flux density due to the deterioration of the stacking factor caused by the gap between individual sheets
    • 5~10㎛ between layers
  • ■ New technology [Bonding]

    Fastened with adhesive between electrical steel products without any relief, welding or rivet

    • Greater clamping force and stacking factor than the Embo type
    • 10% less core loss than the Embo type
    • Over 15% greater flux density than the Embo type
    • 2~3㎛ between layers

Characteristics of the EMFree Motor core

  • ■ Core Loss

  • ■ flux Density

■ Traction Motor Efficiency

The EMFree type has higher torque efficiency than the Embossed Type in the low-speed section.

■ NVH evaluation

Results from testing of EMFree motor cores for green cars

ItemEMFreeEmbossed TypeRemarks
Core Stacking force 74.04[kgf/㎠] 3.38[kgf/㎠]
Perpendicularity 0.126 0.308
Flatness 0.054 0.306
Motor efficiency - 0.1~0.3%↑ - 2.66 → 2.58kg
NVH High frequency 3~5dB↓ -
Environment Adhesive
(high temperature)
62.31 → 14.22kgf 3.83 → 3.85kg 160℃, 80min
Adhesive(ATF oil) 10.23 → 7.71kgf 2.66 → 2.58kg ATF150℃, 500hr