Core Division

Core Division will become a global leader of the hi-tech motor core industry.
In particular, it is growing into a global player leading the new growth engines of the future, e.g.
hybrid and electric vehicle component industry and the next-generation environment-friendly energy solution industry.

Introduce Core Division.


Mold is used to manufacture cores and POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION applies its international recognized proprietary technology in die manufacturing. The company holds a number of patents for the mold technology. Its proprietary engineering and manufacturing allowed the company recognized in the market.

POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION started to manufacture the tooling for EI lamination core in the beginning of 1980 and developed the high speed tooling for motor lamination core through the stacking technology. We also design and produce the highly precise toolings autonomously by tooling R & D center established in 1989.
We supply various types of toolings & controller system for self-developed multi-cavities motor lamination core, double cavities rotation stacking tooling of thin plate, motor lamination core tooling for HEV.
We are consistently striving to enhance the efficiencies and characteristics of the core by studying plasticity, flexibility for the electrical steel.

Type & Application

We promise the best possible quality and maximum productivity in the motor manufacturing industry by applying the multi-column motor core mold and the 0.2T motor core index double-column mold, which were developed by POSCO MOBILITY SOLUTION, and the Index Skew mold and Controller system using the Servo Motor.

Mold Technology Research Institute

It is a place where excellent professionals are conducting research. The Mold Technology Research Institute packages self-developed stacked molds, controller systems, automatic stacking systems, etc. so that customers can conveniently use them to meet their needs. It ensures the best possible quality and productivity.

  • Counter Bore

    If it is structured in one or two layers to install bearings in the rotor shaft of the motor, it is possible to stack them by controlling the count per layer.

  • Skewing

    If each slot has a slope to minimize the noise or abnormal vibration of the motor, we can take any angle to the motor core in the mold.

  • Indexing

    To reduce the deviation of the thickness of the steel plate, it is possible to improve the quality of products by rotating at various angles for stacking and minimizing the deviation of thickness, and choose either the motor type or the mechanical type as the drive mode.